Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The First Post

First Post in my First Blog site.. feels great, satisfying. Have always wanted to kickstart blogging but have been quite busy -read lazy-. Cant n wont write much. Just want to touch upon tit-bits of different tracks that MINDY is racing on off late!

New wife, new house, new client, new Visa type, new credit card, new resolution, new dreams, new phone, new friends, new booze, new recently-dialed-phone-list.. its been raining new things in my life of recently..

Thinking about 2010.. I JUST CANT BELIEVE IT's 2010! MINDY recollects that day when I was chatting with some family friend back in my jigri Mangalore and we were discussing something that would happen by 2010, and MINDY would say... Oh baby.. it's a decade away. Time is probably the biggest deceiver in life!

Apart frm all this.. am currently experiencing a sensational turnaround my life has performed esp. in my personal life.. it's soo much soo soo that many a times I pinch myself to wonder it its aall a dream! But NO! godDAMN NO! Its all true.. alright alrite! enuf of mystery.

MINDY will sign off now.. gotto heat my food and eat myself since my wife is busy watching the first season of Friends... Oh I luv that show.. esp. when Joey does.. STOP MINDY!

gDBye guys.. but cya soooooon

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