Tuesday, February 9, 2010

WOAH! Afghanistan Defeats America

While MINDY was signing off after posting his first post on GM, his eyes came across an insanely impossible News.. it read -- Afghanistan hopes to defeat America -- he wondered - like u just did ÏN WHAT" the answer read  -- In Cricket --

As they say public always prefers to watch the fall of a Star than the rise of one. Water was dripping down my throat and so was the false excitement generated by Blogger's Newsreel!

Not that I wud luv to see the fall of someone like America.. I live here, I work here and I adore this place. It's just the 2 quotients of fun and deja-vu that prompted MINDY to make a mention in GMs.. before dozing off for the night...

bye Guys,
Gnite America GoodDay India...

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